Breaking a lease in QLD due to mental health reasons?

pratzie Asked: Breaking a lease in QLD due to mental health reasons?

Recently we have been issued with the a form stating the owners intentions to sell the property we are currently renting. When we moved in nearly 4 months ago and then the property was for sale, once we raised our objections over moving into a for sale property the real estate informed us the owners have removed the property for sale and had no intentions of selling it in the near future.
We signed the lease for 12 months.
The RTA informs me that if the owners put the property on the market within two months of us signing the lease we could move out with 2 weeks notice. Since they have waited for the 2 month period to go by before putting back on the market they have locked us into the contract with seemingly no grounds to leave.
I have no intention on staying in a property that is for sale as it will directly affect a mental health issue I have been dealing with for the past decade. I have been diagnosed with Acute Paranoid Schizophrenia.
7 years ago I was hospitalised as my condition deteriorated but since then I have learnt coping strategies and put very structured routines in place. I can get medical records from this hospitalisation stating my illness and the affects it had on me, however I do not have anything since then to offer as evidence as I have managed my illness quite successfully thus far and have not needed counselling since my partner for 3 years is a telephone crisis counsellor and we share every thought and feeling together.
My home is my sanctuary and I value my privacy and feel very unsettled at the thought of having strangers walking through my home and upsetting my carefully constructed and managed lifestyle.
Now that the property is for sale and this change in conditions will affect my mental well being do I have grounds to break the lease?
Has anyone broken a lease due to health reasons or excessive hardships?
Any tips on taking it before the RTA tribunal or what I should do here?
Has anyone experienced the trickery of a property owner taking their property of the market to lease it, wait the correct amount of time and locking in tenants before putting it back on the market? This seems so wrong to me, especially since I asked if they had any intentions of selling it in the near future (this was done in person, I have no written evidence of this agreement sadly).
Any help and advice is appreciated.


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