Can you be arrested for a suicide attempt?

Brandon Asked: Can you be arrested for a suicide attempt?

I'm wondering if you can be arrested. I do know that if your caught. ost likely scenarios would be a public self shooting or jumping off a high way bridge into on going traffic. They can detain you and force you into a psych ward. I just want to know why they do that. Yeah the person is alive. But I'm sick of people who don't care do it out of a societal obligation. Most people aren't gonna care about someone wanting to kill themselves, unless it's friends or family. I don't get why they force you into a mental health center though.


Jagger Answered:
No you cannot be arrested. You will be put in psychiatric care.

mayokun Answered:
yes, you can if it is a failed suicide then you will be arrested for waasting police time

randomperson Answered:
Possibly, cause they could be a threat to society as well they are a threat to themself.

Pumpkin Halloween Queen Answered:
I support suicide.If it were up to me I would help you commit suicide.However most of society are not so friendly.They like to push their "life is wonderful" philosophy on everyone else.If I were you the most important thing is to get a firearm.If they try to put you in a psych ward start firing.You got nothing to lose.

Tweezy Answered:
not arrested just take to hospital

Toyota Answered:
First of all, lol at Tweezy…

No, not in the UK. Probably in some countries though!

Interesting question…well personally, I would care about the person, unless they had some seriously good reason to die. I'd want to help them, to make them healthy again so they could enjoy life.

You could paraphrase your question by saying if people starve themselves in prison, why do people try to force feed them?

Or if a Jehovah's witness refuses a blood transfusion (and accepting death), why does the doctor try to persuade them to accept it?

Or even if a homeless person is too proud and doesn't want help, and the passer by spends time trying to convince them to accept a blanket?

Because…people do care about strangers. Less than we should, but empathy exists.

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