Causes Of Mental Health Disorders

It’s amazing how a lump of gray matter may manipulate all the systems in our body in probably the most systematic means possible with all the intricacies and sophisticated functioning. But what’s queer about this stuff (the organ we call brain) is that it could malfunction in a manner that it could result to single or multiple representations of mental health issues all in an individual.
Clinical research and laboratory observations constantly arrive at a conclusion that mental health disorders are products of the accumulation and interaction of several contributing factors. It may have been easier to identify each disorder if there is only one cause to all mental health disorders but that simply isn’t the truth. In reality, all mental disorders may root from several causes such as an environment that is conducive to the development of a mental disorder or individual genetic make-up that programs the brain (or the defective parts of the brain) to become something non-normal.
Saying that it’s all about the pathological make-up of the brain that causes the mental health disorders is simplistic, to say the least. Looking at the strange development of these disorders would reveal that there are actually at least three contributing
factors that could be seen as potential causes, all of which have various degrees. This means that a specific culprit may very well be more dominant than the other.

First With The Physical Causes

This bracket of causes is biological in nature. Each individual has a distinct and unique biological make-up that dictates the direction of his health, may it be physical or mental. Some individuals are born with inherent tendency to develop a particular mental disorder in comparison with other folks while others are less prone to risks. This cause also covers the genetic make-up of an individual, the biological make-up and the events in life that affects the physical body (such as a trauma on the head or substance abuse).

Second Are The Environmental Or Social Causes

Nature VS Nurture has been a great debate within the scientific community however research confirms that a person experience a spilt-half of both. Nature in fact are the physical attributes of a person while Nurture reflects more on the social structures and physical, emotional and mental environments to which an individual was exposed to. This issue tells us more on how a person grew up, the interaction of influences that affected all facets of his growth and the mechanisms he used to cope with a particular environment. It’s observable that some mental disorders are triggered primarily by the consequences of experience caused by the environment. For example, folks (especially youngsters) living in a stressful, chaotic and unstable atmosphere are more likely to develop mental illnesses than these individuals residing in peaceful environment. This consequence is due to the fact that there are particular social and environmental components that may become risk factors to the development of mental health problems.

Third Is The Psychological Factor

This particular factor tells us more on the psychological state of an individual, his coping mechanisms to certain life events that may otherwise end up with psychological disorders, his perception on his own self and his surroundings and thought patterns that affect his mental health . For instance, somebody who has gone beyond the limit of his stress coping capacity is more likely to break down mentally as a result of the psyche’s automatic “lock down” to protect itself.