Dealing with a traumatized dog?

Asked: Dealing with a traumatized dog?

Someone very close to me died in his house and was there for a month before anyone found him. His dog, a 2-year-old jack russell, was trapped inside the house for all that time. I'm going to meet the dog in about a week because I'm very interested in taking him home with me, especially since no one else in our family wants him.

At the moment, we know he's fine and stable, but not much about his overall physical or mental health. One of our dog expert/biologist friends told us that he is most likely perfectly fine, but will have some separation anxiety issues. We do know he was a very happy, obedient, well-trained and well-cared for dog before his owner died.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Should I expect any problems besides separation anxiety? How should I deal with separation anxiety if and when I bring him home? We also have another dog, a miniature schnauzer, who has always been fine with others, if that makes any difference.


I've had experience. Dont try to force the dog to like you or try to get it comfortable. Let it go hide and sooner or later he will be comfortable with its surroundings. The dog will be depressed because believe it or not they know when someone dies. My dog huddled in a corner with the ex owners blank that still had its sent. Dont give it any food or water, wait a couple of hours because with anxiety and food and water mix gets them sick. I'm not saying this happens all the time but thats what happen to my golden retriever.
He's two, so he's pretty young. He should be fine after a week or so.

Congradulations for adopting the puppy. That's very nice of you. I think he might have some anxiety problems. Both because his owner has died, and because he wasn't in touch with anyone locked up in a house for 1 month. 1 month is a long time. However he will do better than an abused dog, he can be sad for some time. It is good to try to communicate with him, calling his name often, giving him treats, however it's not a good idea to force him to do anything. It would be better to let him be around people all the time, and place his bed in your bedroom if you can… With love and care, a calm environment, he'll do fine.

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