Did Judy Garland have mental health problems?

Joe Asked: Did Judy Garland have mental health problems?

If so what exactly was wrong with her?Perhaps Bi-polar?


Bluestocking Answered:
No but her daughter Liza Minnelli is as barmy as a box of frogs.

Naguru Answered:
Please try to remove all the so called impurities from the mind.

The so called impurities in the mind are unhealthy thoughts, habits or traits. Besides that illegitimate desire, anger, delusion, infatuation, negligence, carelessness, inadvertence, greed, jealousy, lust, malice, hatred, bias, envy, hypocrisy, negative emotions, mental agitation, arrogance, pride, prejudice, ignorance, lethargy, doubt, confusion, fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, grief, suspicion, delusion, dejection, conceit, temptations, stupor, hesitation, reluctance, forgetfulness, stupidity, superstition, oscillation, distraction, distortion, wrong hallucination, etc. are also impurities. These impurities cause disturbances in the mind by creating attachment and aversion and thus rob it of tranquility.

Try to flush them out periodically in order to have pure and fresh thinking.

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