How long can being chaptered out of the Army take?

Asked: How long can being chaptered out of the Army take?

Only been in for 7 months.MOS 11B.My psychiatrist said it would be in my best interest in terms of mental health to be chaptered out on a 5-17 Chapter because of my depression.I want to do this as I am no good to anyone if I end up not functioning as a soldier or killing myself.I've read the Article and Chapter descriptions already, so I do not need the information about it.I am wondering how long being Chaptered out will take, and if anyone has had experience regarding being chaptered out.

I appreciate your time and help.


You've been in over 6 months so you cannot be put out on an entry level separation.That would have been the fastest.You'll need a Med Board.Figure 30 days for the board and a couple weeks after that to process you out.

It's all going to depend on your unit and how long they take to do the paperwork.Because your chapter will be a medboard, it will probably take from 3-9 months although I've heard of it happening a lot faster and a lot slower than that.

it CAN be done in a day.. and i have seen it happen that fast.

usually, it takes 3-6 will NOT be cut loose until you are deemed not a danger to yourself or others.the more you mention suicide, the longer you are on hold.

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