Serious problem: Obsessive love syndrome – is this indicative of mental illness (lots of details)?

fr Asked: Serious problem: Obsessive love syndrome – is this indicative of mental illness (lots of details)?

I meet all the phases that are commonly attributed to obsessive love, as indicated here:

It ended in disaster with this person as I lost control of myself, became paranoid, at one point I was suicidal and homicidal (only towards this one person) when it became obvious to me that the relationship was unhealthy and would soon come to an end, largely as a result of my own actions.

I have cut this person out of my life, ceased all communication, deleted all pictures, and I'm beginning to snap back to reality. But I can't ignore the fact that for the past 3 months I've been in some sort of deluded obsessive state towards another person.

I don't know what to make of this, and my research indicates that a lot of mental health professionals don't know what to make of it either. I don't know if I should seek some sort of counseling about this or if I should just accept that it was an abnormal phase and move on.

Your views much appreciated.


SethSpeaks Answered:
The fact that you have been able to see what you did, that it was messed up, etc. points to the fact you are probably just fine.You went through something that you weren't anticipating, and you reacted badly.But it sounds like you learned from it and you probably would catch yourself before you began acting nutty again.I think in everyone's life they go through one or more stressful scenarios where we act in a way that makes us feel crazy or ashamed afterwards.Take it in stride, don't go on over something that is passed, and learn to cut yourself a little slack for being human.Now if you feel it coming on again, you need to get help.But just once, it was probably just a learning experience.

Jules Answered:
You might be trying to emotionally escape a greater situation that isn't so positive. For instance, you could possibly be displacing your obsessive love emotions on someone else because you lacked the intimacy elsewhere in your life. There are a list of reasons you could have this mental issue. Try to get a better personal insight. I don't know you personally but I can only assume.

playground love Answered:
It's fairly normal to become very involved with someone (especially when we're young or teenagers) and feel devastated when it goes wrong. But feeling suicidal and homicidal is not normal and I think you have something more serious. Even though you seem fine, I would still go get psychological help for the future.

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