What can be done about electronic harassment and organized group/community stalking?

JP Asked: What can be done about electronic harassment and organized group/community stalking?

– Is it legal or illegal? ; Government approved crimes?
– Reports from victims say Congress, FBI, state and local law enforcement will not intervene; though in a couple cases local law enforcement has intervened to a limited extent.
– In 2011, first time: after more than twenty years of innocent citizens being targeted with organized group stalking, a California local law agency had a Lieutenant admit on local TV news that "gang stalking" (slang for organized group stalking – citizens from all backgrounds, vocations, ages participating in stealth moving surveillance/stalking operations via vehicular, air, pedestrian, bikes, 24/7/365 against targeted individuals who may be secretly considered closely monitored government projects for the purposes of mind-control practice and experimentation; "non-lethal" remote direct energy weapon practice and experimentation (physical effects can lead to premature death; some applications lead to instant death) ;other non-lethal weapons (that actually can be lethal) ex. biological weapon, chemical weapon; cater to the Globalists demands for 2/3 depopulation…..the "Silent Holocaust".
-Jim Guest, politician from Missouri, is one of only a few politicians who has publicly stated he is convinced electronic harassment and organized group/community stalking is not mental illness. He cites talking with many targeted individuals who are pleading for help, including a professor at a University and some doctors. Guest has stated politicians are not willing to become involved because they feel it will harm their credibility because those who are not complicit or victims are not aware that remote political control technology exist that is complemented by a citizen forcethat serves as "covert harassment groups".
– Who has jurisdiction? Innuendo and statements from local law enforcement has mentioned involvement of "Homeland Security" and "military". However, targeted individuals from electronic harassment and organized group stalking emerged most remarkably starting in the mid 1990's, prior to the formation of Homeland Security . Also, CIA has to be considered a potential culpritbecause intelligencehas a long history of mind control operations, experiments, and sometimes extermination.
– John Long, CIA high ranking boss, said in May 2007 on CNN (news channel) that he discovered that a "rogue faction of the CIA" was using direct energy weapons on an innocent Australian university student's back-side and legs . Long asked if his audience thought that was torture?- and then bursted into uncontrollable laughing.
-There is no apparent consideration for the unwitting victims' mental and physical health, and it usually destroys their life. Prior to 1960, drugs and chemicals were experimented with. Thereafter, the mind-control experimentation moved from the doctors offices and mental institutions to "outside lab " topeople in the public ofgeneral societywhen electronic stimulation and mind-hacking began to be the primary focus with eventual deployment of remote political control technology i.e. wireless no touch harassment and torture to interfere or dismantle mental and/or physical health.
– Mr. Trowler, a UK military weapons scientist, in a video interview on YouTube, has said remote political control technology for the purpose of mind-control has been fully operational since 1977. Dr. John Hall, a targeted practicing physician in Texas, has written a book entitled "A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism. His local police contacts traced the unbelievable harassment that are typical in targeted individual cases that were present in his personal life to acorrupt retired FBI agent who became a private investigator business owner. Additionally, Dr. John Hall has said in interviews that his CIA contacts will admit that remote mind-invasive and remote physical harassment and torture exist that interfere, maim, and kill, but they refused to release any documents to him for proof of evidence because they feared retaliation from the government. Around the year 2006, a private investigator in California who's primary business is investigation of targeted individual claims (though he refuses to serve as witness in court if evidence is found from using costly electronic equipment) said that organized crime syndicates became partners to buy a failed satellite business and their satellites have remote weapons that can assault citizens.
– Similar government approved targeting of innocent citizens for mind-control and political purposes on unwitting and innocent citizens were investigated by the Church Committee of Congress in the 1970's where it was revealed the CIA destroyed most of the government documents to prevent the disclosures of most of the details regarding research they had done with covert programs such as MK-ULTRA and COINTELPRO. Some of the research is believed


Eisbr Answered:
You overdosed on a hallucinogenic stimulant and suffered hallucinations paranoia and anxiety.

You have no history of mental illness.

The sounds and stuff are going away.

Schizophrenia affects less than 1% of the population.

Hmmmmm, I am no neurologist, but I believe you were experiencing the effects of a powerful hallucinogenic drug overdose….

Elijah Allen Answered:
you shouldnt have done the meth! it ruins ur life and look at urself now, possibly developing a amental illness. you should really see a psychiatrist, like now.

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