Why do mentally ill criminals go to prison, actually?

Asked: Why do mentally ill criminals go to prison, actually?

Now, i know all of you are going to be like ''WHAT THE **** FOR QUESTION IS THAT''
But actually, let's say that i was a sociopath. Sociopath is genetic, that's a fact. So if i'm a sociopath then there's like a 85% chance i'm going to kill someone/commit a crime. But then it'd be totally natural for me and it wouldn't really be my fault, would it? I think the blame should be put on the mental health care of that country.. Am i not right? Honestly, i think governments are really idiotic. I would put them into a mental institution immediately after being diagnosed with an anti-social personality disorder or any other dangerous one. But seriously, just let them walk freely and let them hate society so much until they end up killing them is just your own fault. It's natural for them so yeah.. What do you think?


You can't lock someone up in an institution just based on a diagnosis.And if they commit a crime in the US, if they know what they did was a crime then they can be found guilty.However, I do think that there are many, many people in prison who wouldn't be there if we had a better mental health care system.

If they are convicted of a serious crime, they will go to a mental institution/prison.Just having a disorder doesn't mean anyone should automatically be locked up.It's acting inappropriately that gets one in trouble.

The proponents of "small government" and "cutting government spending" are the reason we do not have appropriate mental health care resources and facilities.Let's hold them accountable.

When Ronnie Reagan was governor of California, he closed all the mental health facilities and that's when the cities became magnets for the mentally ill homeless.

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